The Coalition To Control Kudzu Without Herbicides

Green Solutions Against The Green Invader

Who We Are

Information on this page is out of date. See the home page for more information.

The Coalition is a nonprofit organization that is run by volunteers. We are dedicated to the removal of kudzu from our communities, using methods that do not involve chemical applications, with emphasis on encouraging students to get invovlved. The menu at the right takes you to web pages that explain the history of the Coalition, and list its officers, board members, and participating groups and organizations.

Participating groups support Coalition work in various ways. Government entities and non-profit organizations support Coalition work on their property where kudzu exists. Community improvement organizations provide voluteers to work at other sites. Civic minded individuals and local businesses contribute material and financial help. Contact us if you have a group that would like to take part in this crusade. The Coalition will train and work alongside your associates.

Any and all donations, material or financial, are most welcome!