The Coalition To Control Kudzu Without Herbicides

Green Solutions Against The Green Invader

Where And When

We eliminate kudzu whenever possible. However, sometimes that is impractical because of the amount of time and effort that is necessary. The infested area might be in difficult terrain (steep, wet, rocky, and so on), or cover too large an area. Then only control is practical.

By control we mean keeping kudzu out of an area that borders an invasive kudzu infestation. This might protect or recover a desirable area, prevent kudzu from advancing any further to keep an infestation from getting worse, save trees, or be the first step of a beautification effort.

Menu listings at the right show the current work schedule of Coalition volunteers, where the work is conducted, and how that fits in with kudzu plant growth characteristics. "Quick Picks" list a few Coalition work sites of special interest that sample a range of different types of sites and control methods. Click on the menu entry Kudzu Sites Attacked for a partial list of work sites.

Your volunteer help is most welcome! Contact us if you are interested.