Merike Tamm, member of the Coalition Board of Directors, spotted a previously unknown infestation of kudzu along the creek on W. Sherwood Cir. in October 2009. It was at least a quarter of a mile from the nearest other infestation. The neighborhood is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable kudzu expert as Merike!

No one knows how the kudzu got there. Birds do not normally move the seeds — privet yes, kudzu no. Our guess is that a kudzu plant floated down the creek and rooted one or two years ago. The kudzu, which can grow a foot a day during the summer, had already covered about an eighth of an acre and was across the street from 516 W. Sherwood Cir.

We immediately placed signs at the site, as shown in the photograph. A Coalition team attacked the spreading aggressor. A total of 115 kudzu plants (crowns) were removed. We know from experience that some kudzu plants are not found during the first attack. Since there are probably survivors, the Coalition will patrol this site every month from April forward in 2010 to remove any remaining "bad guys". It might require two more years before achieving eradication. January 2010.