This website is designed so you can resize pages to best fit your screen. To resize pages, use the text size adjustment of your website browser. In Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox the "Text Size" option is found in the "View" menu. Other browsers have similar options. As you adjust text size you will see other web page features also change in size to match the text. This is a handy way to get additional magnification of web page photographs.

Convenient keyboard shortcuts for Firefox are "Ctrl +" to increase text size, and "Ctrl -" to decrease text size. That is, hold down the Ctrl ("control") key, then briefly press either the + ("plus") or - ("minus") key. Use "Ctrl 0" ("zero") to return to normal text size. Also, holding down the Ctrl key while using a mouse wheel has the same effect.

In IE 7 there is a zoom level control placed at the bottom right of the browser window, which shows "100%" by default. Click on this button control to increment the zoom level of the window. Continuing to click the button eventually returns the zoom level to normal size. You can also click on the drop down list next to the button for more zoom level options. Also, holding down the Ctrl key while using the mouse wheel has the same effect. This "zoom" function is different from the "Text Size" menu command described above. The IE 7 keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl +" and "Ctrl -" change zoom level, whereas in Firefox these same keyboard shortcuts change text size. They do not do the same thing! It is usually better to increase text size than to zoom because zooming causes the page to become larger than your screen, whereas increasing text size merely rearranges the larger page content inside the same size window.

You can get more room on the screen for a web page by using the "Full Screen" option, also found in the "View" menu for IE and Firefox. On PCs, the keyboard shortcut is the F11 key. Press F11 a second time to restore browser menus and toolbars.

And, it goes without saying that maximizing the browser window gives the web page more room!

The quickest way for Windows users to get to the top or bottom of a long web page is to use the "Ctrl Home" and "Ctrl End" keyboard shortcuts: Hold the control key down, and then briefly press the "Home" or "End" keys.

If you find problems on our website, or have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know!