The Kudzu Coalition is pro-active and doing things. We prefer to spend our time in action rather than to be restricted by organization and bureaucracy.

The selection of the Board of Directors is very, very important. We are blessed with a small number of hands-on, action minded citizens who are passionate about making a difference and doing it quickly — in just a few months, not years. Passion is an apt word to describe the driving force among these leaders.

By design there are few meetings — less than one per month. Communications among the Board of Directors is primarily by email.

When especially talented individuals show commitment to the cause and passion for making a difference in this way, they are asked to join the Board of Directors. We look for special aptitudes: Webmaster skills, Internet search skills, inventiveness, and knowledge of farm equipment, horticulture, public relations, good research practices, botany, and writing, to name a few.

Today, Coalition activities are guided by a diverse group of volunteers who share a happy passion for exploring ways of reining in kudzu without herbicides.

Paul David Blakeley
Dr. Charles Covert
Barbara Daniels
Newt Hardie
Tim Hemphill
Douglas Jones
Connie Melton
Howard Miller
Dr. Gillian Newberry
Don Oldham
Samantha Parks
Ellen S. Rutter
Paul Savko
Allyn Steele
Dr. Merike Tamm
Buddy Waters

Newt Hardie
Samantha Parks
Connie Melton

Dr. Louis W. Adams, Jr.
Martha Chapman
Henry Pittman

Dr. Larry Nelson

Prosthetist, Part-Time Farmer
Holistic Health, Conservationist, Environmentalist
Conservation Advocate
Retired Businessman, Engineer
Architectural Designer
City of Spartanburg, Horticulturist
Accountant, Gardener, Civic Activist, Writer
Retired Farm Equipment Businessman, Frustrated Farmer
Botanist, Curator USC Herbarium
Retired Engineer, Experimenter
Master Gardener, Plant Collector, Civic Activist
Retired Business Woman, Community Volunteer
Historian, Civic Activist
Educator, Civic Activist
Businesswoman, Environmentalist
Retired General Contractor, Civic Activist


President, Executive Director


Webmaster Emeritus
Inspiration & Role Model
Visionary, Counselor, "Mr. Trees"

In Memoriam

Clemson University, Forester
Revised December 2009