Asphalt shingles are inexpensive and heavy, ideal for helping hold down plastic sheets. They also heat up in sunlight, and thereby contribute to "cooking" kudzu. Spikes and metal washers hold shingles in place. August 2005.


The Coalition moved away from using shingles (relatively heavy and cumbersome) during 2006 to using four inch strips of 3M outdoor duct tape as reinforcement for a long nail that is driven through the washer and tape sandwich. By eliminating shingles, the weight of supplies carried into the kudzu patch is reduced. July 2006.

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Initially we applied a hole punch to the sandwich, but later realized that this was unnecessary. An electrician's work belt is convenient for holding nails, washers, and duct tape.

Wind blowing under sheeting can rip it from the nail. Especially vulnerable are sheets over deep kudzu patches. We are testing the use of two duct tape strips (a double sandwich) in these situations.