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Statement of Purpose

The Coalition goal is to make our communities and natural areas more attractive through experimentation, demonstration, and education, in the use of non-herbicidal methods to control small kudzu infestations.

Statement of Principle

The Kudzu Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It does not apply for patents. The Coalition shares its knowledge and experiences with all, for the public good, without fees.

Code of Ethics: Web Site

Tools favored by Coalition volunteers for its work are mentioned on the web site so that others benefit from Coalition experience. In some cases a disclaimer is provided. Sometimes links are provided to tool manufacturers or sources. Manufacturers are invited to comment on descriptions used on the web site, but the Coalition has final say on what is posted.

Links are made to other sites deemed helpful for visitors. Links to inventors, authors and practitioners knowledgeable in kudzu matters, germane articles, studies, helpful services, and so on, are possible.

No fee or donation is accepted in payment for mention or endorsement by the Coalition on its web site, or for links to other sites.

Every tool, product, or service recommended or mentioned by the Coalition is subject to removal from the site if a better tool, product, or service is found.

Code of Ethics: Suppliers of Tools, Products, or Services to the Coalition

To avoid possible misunderstandings, and to avoid the appearance of "being bought", the Coalition does not accept cash donations from suppliers of tools, products, or services purchased by the Coalition for its work. Such suppliers are encouraged to make donations in-kind through free materials and/or price reductions, with the understanding that this does not obligate the Coalition to promote these tools, products, or services.

Code of Ethics: Other Beneficiaries

From time to time, various organizations may benefit from the research, developments, treatments, protocols, experience, training, advice, guidance and/or other assistance from the Coalition. These services to humankind are provided without charge. The Coalition requests that each beneficiary, in turn, share its experiences with the Coalition, which might list and provide links to such beneficiaries on its web site.

Donations from individuals or non-profit entities that support Coalition activities and/or benefit from its work are acceptable and greatly appreciated. Except for suppliers of tools, products, or services purchased by the Coalition, it is appropriate that for-profit organizations, which themselves utilize for profit any of the Coalition's knowledge and technical help, to consider donations to further the activities of the Coalition.


Checks for donations or honorariums should be to the Kudzu Coalition and sent to Mr. Newt Hardie, 128 Bagwell Farm Road, Spartanburg, SC, 29302.

A summary of recent Coalition funding is posted on this website.

Revised August 2007