This web page reviews work conducted at a level area along the east side of the creek above the dam at Peter's Creek Preserve in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Volunteer Howard Miller starts the clearing operation with a bush hog mounted on one end of his tractor and a bucket on the other. January 2008.


The first photograph shows the site before clearance of the flat, wooded area next to the creek. The second photograph gives a closer view of the waist high thorns and kudzu mass. Paul Savko is faintly visible working at the creek bank in his pink safety vest. Notice the fluorescent tape that outlines the intended location for a kudzu barrier fence, which is to be installed after the clearing. We plan to remove the kudzu downstream to the left and will be using the fence to keep the kudzu out of the area to be cleared. January 2008.

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What a difference Howard and his bush hog has made! The kudzu and briars have been cut back to about an inch off the ground. The job has just begun. January 2008.