First Photograph: Visit from Flat Rock Kudzu Committee and Spartanburg Herald-Journal. August 2005. Second Photograph: Visit to SE-EPPC Annual Symposium at Raleigh, NC. May 2006.

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First Photograph: Visit to Flat Rock Kudzu Committee at Flat Rock, NC. June 2006. Second Photograph: Visit from Sumter National Forest and Student Conservation Association. August 2006.

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First Photograph: Visit to Flat Rock Kudzu Committee at Flat Rock, NC. June 2006. Center Photograph: Visit from Sumter National Forest and Student Conservation Association. August 2006. Second Photograph: Bill Stringer, President, South Carolina Native Plant Society, Norris, SC. July 2007.

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One of the purposes of the Coalition is to inform and educate individuals, and organizations, that are interested in confronting the threat that kudzu presents to their community beautification investments. Our message is simple: Kudzu is a big problem, but there are ways to contain it, or push it back, or eliminate it, without using chemicals. It is not necessary to "spray and pray", or do deep digging to remove large kudzu roots.

In the list below the red asterisk * indicates that an individual is a member of the Coalition Board of Directors.

  1. Garden Clubs (Viewed Coalition Presentation): Participating
    1. Cema Chrietzberg Garden Club: Helen Mayson (President), Mary Alice Wingo
    2. Cherry Laurel Garden Club(Woodruff): Nancy Dowling
    3. Garden Ellas Garden Club: Brenda Hayes
    4. Home & Garden Club: Mrs. Alfred New
    5. Master Gardeners of the Piedmont: Mary Snoddy (President), Lou Adams, Barbara Daniels*, Newt Hardie*, Joe Maple, Paul Savko*
    6. Reidville Garden Club: Marian Jones (President)
    7. Spartanburg Garden Council: Janet Adams (President), Cathy Minch, Bobbie Schoss
    8. Spartanburg Men's Garden Club: Ed Wilde (President), Lou Adams, Barbara Daniels*, Dianne Fergusson*, Newt Hardie*, Jeff Hayes, Everette Lineberger, Steve Patton*, Paul Savko*
    9. Upsy Daisy Garden Club: Sallie Pettigrew
  2. City & County: Participating
    1. Chamber of Commerce: David Cordeau (President & CEO)
    2. City Planning Commission: Ricky Richardson
    3. City of Spartanburg: Bill Barnet, David Langford, Tim Carter, Douglas Jones*, Tony McAbee, Susan Schneider, Mark Scott, Brian Wofford
    4. City of Spartanburg Code Enforcement: Sidney Ferguson, Buddy Bush, Kay Byrnes
    5. Hub City Farmers' Market: Jenny Osterman
    6. Spartanburg Convention Bureau
    7. Spartanburg County: Glenn Breed, Mike Garrett, Jeff Caton (Parks & Recreation)
    8. Spartanburg County Public Libraries: Todd Stephens, Patti Bowers
    9. Spartanburg Events Team: Darryl Goodwin
    10. Spartanburg Housing Authority: Richard Frye
    11. Spartanburg Water District: Sue Schneider
    12. Spartanburg Youth Corps: Lisa Gosnell
    13. Spartanburg Youth Council: Lavinia Hurley
  3. State & Federal: Participating
    1. Dr. Jim Aitken: Composed Herbicide Manual for DOT (Consultant)
    2. Clemson Extension Service (Spartanburg): Ginger Bowen, Kim Dillard, Cory Tanner
    3. SC DOT: Fred Fleming, Tony Dill
    4. SC USDA NRCS (Spartanburg): Charles Banks
  4. Spartanburg Beautification & Environmental Groups & Agencies: Participating
    1. Glenn Springs Preservation Society: Marguret Burnette
    2. Graffiti Group: Brian Hammond
    3. Hatcher Horticultural Garden and Nature Preserve
    4. "Lost Acres", Wildlife Action, Inc. Upstate Chapter: Kathleen Elam
    5. Native Plant Society: Dr Bill Springer, Merike Tamm
    6. Palmetto Conservation: George Fields
    7. Palmetto Trails: Mike Fields
    8. Partners for Active Living: Laura Ringo
    9. Preservation Trust: Kristi Webb (Executive Director), Rebecca Parris, Linda Powers-Bilanchone (Chair)
    10. Pride Task Force: Celia Cooksey, Patrick Armstrong
    11. Science Center: John Green
    12. Ski Club: Stephany Ellis
    13. Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE): Mary Walter (Executive Director), Ed Griffin, Newt Hardie*, Julie London, Steve Patton*, Fred Parish
    14. Tyger River Foundation: Julian Hankinson, Monty Mullen
    15. Upstate Forever: Angela Viney (Executive Director)
    16. YMCA: Leebo Keels
  5. Neigborhood Associations: Participating
    1. Converse Heights: Anne Leger (President), Francie Little (Captain), Bill Barnet, Josh Foster, Tracy Hannah, George Dean and Susu Johnson, Kathy McKay, Mary Jane Means, Roger Milliken, Cindy Minch, Dr. Doug Rayner, Merike Tamm*
    2. Duncan Park: Peggy Romine (Captain), Dixie Damrel, Dianne Ferguson*
    3. Hampton Heights: Dr. Linda Bilanchone, Marlene Comer*
    4. Highland: Sondra Rice, Rev. Wilbert McHam, Leroy Jeter
    5. Hillcrest and Hillview: Brantlee Fulmer (President), Connie Melton*, Samantha Parks* (Captain), Gladys Skinner
    6. Londonderry: Marlen Kuszmaul, Henry Grimsley, Jack Klein
    7. Oak Creek Plantation Lakeowners: John Glinn (President), Larry Posner
    8. South Converse: Ruth Littlejohn (President), Bea Hill, Brenda Lee
    9. Woodland Heights: W.C. Bain
  6. Businesses: Participating/Contacted
    1. Allegra Printing: George Nixon (Owner), Patti Story and staff
    2. Beacon: Kenny Church
    3. Bishop Lawn & Landscape, LLC: Craig Bishop
    4. Carolina Alliance Bank: Jonathan Walker
    5. Carolina Garden World: Jay Moore and staff
    6. Duke Energy: George Acker (General Manager)
    7. Eastside Small Engine: Rusty Sams
    8. Fast Signs: Pete Brushaber and staff
    9. Grace Management: Dodd & Bob Caldwell
    10. Honey Bee's Restaurant: Staff
    11. Joe's Cruiser: Joe Hyder (Owner)
    12. Johnson Insurance: Grier Bomar
    13. Little River Roasting Co.: Gervais Hollowell
    14. MAACO: Ken Culver
    15. Milliken & Co.: Roger Milliken, Buddy Harmon, Stewart Winslow
    16. Minutemen Printers: Jim Reilly
    17. National Fire Protection: Linda Porter
    18. Norfolk & Southern Railroad: Calvin Meeks (Track Supervisor)
    19. Only Honda: Jim Brady
    20. Piedmont Natural Gas: Mike Perry
    21. Piedmont Forklift Inc. (Greenville, SC): Michael Prince
    22. Praise Enterprise: Rob Jurgenson
    23. Pressley Machine Works: Roddy Jeffers (President) and staff
    24. Rhodes Lawncare: Lynn Rhodes and team
    25. Spartan Photo Center: Mike Wojcik and staff
    26. V and B Manufacturing: Pashia Ridge
  7. Nonprofit Agencies: Participating
    1. Arts partnership: Ava Hughes
    2. Children's Advocacy Center of Spartanburg: Bill Herrick
    3. Glenn Springs Academy: Mike Raney, Kyle Boyle
    4. Habitat for Humanity: Sharon McFalls, Kim Dillard
    5. Hub-Bub: Betsy Teter
    6. Mary Black Foundation: Philip Belcher (President), Curt McPhail
    7. Partners for Active Living: Laura Ringo
    8. SAFE Homes – Rape Crisis Coalition: Lynn Hawkins
    9. Spartanburg County Foundation: John Dargan (President), Mary Thomas and staff
    10. Spartanburg Children's Shelter: Hoyt Bynum (President)
    11. Spartanburg Humane Society: Sandy Christansen (President), Lisa Cook, Kevin Price
    12. United Way of the Piedmont: Kathy Dunleavy (President), Julia Lyons, Chris Steed
  8. Community Minded Individuals: Participating
    1. Jim Anderson: Leader of mowing experiments
    2. In Memoriam, Hans Balmer: Pride Task Force
    3. Martha Chapman: Inspiration and Role Model
    4. John and Nora Beth Featherston
    5. Sandra Fergus: Gifted computer helper
    6. Charles Godfrey: Landscape Architect
    7. Tracy Hannah: Pride Task Force
    8. Beatrice Hill: Author & Teacher
    9. Walt Pettiss: Knowledgeable, gentleman farmer
    10. Henry Pittman: Inspiration, Role Model, Charter Board Member, counselor
    11. Ellen and Jack Rutter: Civic volunteer, humorist, volunteer at Cowpens National Battlefield
    12. Johnny Savko: Shop expert
    13. Bill Strickland: Legal Advice
    14. Jess and Allene Taylor: Mailings
    15. Bill and Peggy Wilson: Long time participants and supporters of beautification
    16. Kurt Zimmerli: Civic supporter
  9. Herbicide Application Contractors, and Other Companies Offering Prevention Methods: Participating
    1. Dow AgroSciences: Travis Rogers
    2. Goat Farmer: Harold Melton
    3. Helena: Tommy Eubanks
    4. Marshfield Forest Service: Charles Kemp
    5. Sod Father: Charles R. Reid
  10. Colleges & Universities & Experts: Participating
    1. Auburn University: Dr. Jim Miller
    2. Juanitta Baldwin: Kudzu Author
    3. Nancy Basket: Kudzu basket and story weaver
    4. Clemson University: Dr. Pat Layton, Dr. Bill Stringer
    5. Edith and Henry Edwards: Kudzu farmers and advocates
    6. Greenville Technical College: Joy Finch (Environmental & Safety Training)
    7. Spartanburg Community College: Dr. Dan Terhune (President)
    8. Toronto University: Dr. Rowan Sage
    9. USC Upstate: Dr. Gillian Newberry* (Curator of USC Upstate Herbarium and Peters Creek Preserve), Henry Giles
    10. Wofford College: Dr. Linda Powers, Dr. Doug Rayner
  11. Schools: Participating
    1. Berry Shoals Middle School: Dr. Cindy Kay
    2. Broome High School: Dr. Vernon Prosser (Principal), Pam Peeler
    3. Chapman High School: Stephanie Mathis (Principal), Tina Gragg, Jessica Gaddy
    4. McCracken Junior High School: John Craig (Principal), Sheila Sistare, Karen Copley
    5. Oakbrook Preparatory School: Dawn Rollins
    6. Riverside High School in Greer: Renee Smith
    7. Saint Paul's Catholic: Jane Nicol
    8. South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind: Jack Todd
    9. Spartanburg County District Superintendents: All seven
    10. Spartanburg Day School: Jack MacMullan (Head of Upper School), Allyn Steele, David Perkinson (Head of Middle School), Celia Cooksey, Chris Harrelson, Bonnie Webster
    11. Spartanburg High School: Jeff Stevens (Principal), Beth Blumenfield, Mary Brito, Steve Eargley, Colonel Kilcawley, Anne Moore, Robin Parsons, Rob Wilder, Sue Whitaker
  12. Civic Clubs: Participating
    1. Piedmont Sertoma
    2. Breakfast Civitan
    3. Rotary Club, Spartanburg, SC
    4. Rotary Club, Spartanburg, SC
    5. Royal Society, Spartanburg, SC
    6. Sierra Club, Greenville, SC
  13. Cities: Participating
    1. Chattanooga, Tenn: Jerry Jeansonne (city)
    2. Greenville, SC, County Education: Becky Wooten; Rich Mead (very knowledgeable resident)
    3. Flat Rock, NC: Anna Christenson and Ann Nolan (Flat Rock Kudzu Commitee)
  14. Preserves/Parks/Invasives Fighters: Participating
    1. Conestee Nature Park, Greenville, SC: Dr. Jeff Beacham, Jim Gossett
    2. Cowpens National Battlefield: Kathy McKay (Chief Ranger)
    3. Department of Natural Resources: Mary Bunch, Pendleton, SC
    4. Friends of Reedy River, Greenville, SC: Dan Trout (Executive Director)
    5. Musgrove Mill State Historic Site, SC Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism: Frank Stovall
    6. National Biological Lab, ARS, Stoneville, MS: Dr. Bob Zablotowicz, Dr. Mark Weaver, Dr. Doug Boyette, Dr. Charles Bryson
    7. The Nature Conservancy, Saluda, NC
    8. The Nature Conservancy, Bat Cave, NC: Michele Polino, Allison Kiehl
    9. NC Arboretum, Asheville, NC: Margaret Kosco
    10. Peters Creek Preserve, Spartanburg, SC: Dr. Gill Newberry*
    11. Rose Hill Historic Park, Union, SC: Casey Connell, Mary Morrison
    12. SC Native Plant Society: Dr. Bill Stringer
    13. SC-EPPC: Jim Brubaker, Colette Degarady, Robin Mackie, Matt Nespeca, Travis Rogers
    14. SE-EPPC: Dr. Jim Miller, Auburn, AL
    15. Sumter National Forest & Student Conservation Association: Robin Mackie, Mary Morrison
    16. Upstate Forever, Greenville, SC: Brad Wyche (Director)

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