Palmetto Conservation Foundation owns 5.3 acres in the Glendale Shoals area near the city of Glendale, outside of Spartanburg. It was acquired in 2008. The Foundation has designated this property as part of the Glendale Greenway. The greenway is also used for the Foundation's Glendale Outdoor Leadership School (GOLS)

There are two adjacent properties owned by: Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE) on the southern boundary, and the Environmental Studies Center at Glendale Shoals built by Wofford College on the eastern boundary. In October of 2009 all three organizations met to form a partnership for kudzu removal in Glendale Shoals, an area that includes the three properties. Gen. George Fields, manager of the Military Heritage Program, and Mike Fields, Facilities Manager in Glendale, lead this effort for the Foundation. See our Environmental Studies Center and Glendale Shoals Preserve pages for more Coalition work in the Glendale Shoals area for the partnership.

SPACE owns property along both sides of a portion of the shoals in Lawson's Fork Creek. This is near the northern boundary of SPACE's Glendale Shoals Preserve. The Foundation owns most of the northern bank of the creek in the greenway, which is mostly east of the Preserve. Unfortunately, kudzu abounds for several hundred yards of creek bank below (east of) the shoals. A decision was made to attack only the first section of kudzu, about 75 yards along the greenway trail.

The first photograph shows the first patch of kudzu on Palmetto Conservation property viewed from the west as one walks outbound on the Glendale Greenway trail (away from the eastern boundary of the Wofford Environmental Studies Center). The second photograph shows the same gateway from the east. October 2009.

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Coalition volunteer Paul David Blakeley began the attack on this kudzu using Kudzilla. The first photograph shows Kudzilla at work clearing kudzu and other brush. Structures from the former textile mill, which burned to the ground several years ago, loom in the background. Mike Fields is barely visible in the second photograph. Mike is masterfully wielding a chain saw in support of Kudzilla's work, concealed from view. December 2009.

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Kudzilla's metal tracks made it possible to get traction atop the wet sandy soil, as seen in the first photograph. At times the skid-steer was axle deep in soil. Paul cleared about a half of an acre after about two hours of work, and piled up the debris to decompose, shown in the second photograph. Note Lawson's Fork Creek in the background. December 2009.

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VIDEO: Here is a video make by John Lane of Wofford College that shows a portion of Paul's work with Kudzilla near the creek. Click on the image to view the video. December 2009.

"Kudzilla" at Work: Glendale Shoals (December 2009)
Video by John Lane. © Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.