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Kudzu Kapers: Contests, Prizes, Arts & Crafts, Special Events

Kudzu Kapers was the kudzu festival sponsored by the Kudzu Coalition in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was open to the general public. In addition to demonstrations of kudzu control methods, it included kudzu related arts and crafts on display.

A special focus was on contests with prizes for students. Schools helped students create and submit contest entries prior to Kudzu Kapers. Other contests and activities took place during the event. The objective of the awards was to develop an appreciation among students of the significant damage that kudzu causes to the environment, such as dead trees and damage from herbicides used to control kudzu. Prizes were also incentives to encourage student participation at Kudzu Kapers. Kudzu Kapers was part of the Coalition's Students Knocking Out Kudzu program.

The menu at the right has links to past Kudzu Kapers. No future awards or Kudzu Kapers are planned.