The Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE) protects about six acres of land from development that was donated to them by Converse Heights property owners for that purpose. Because it is a site that is not actively maintained by SPACE, but it is located in Converse Heights, the site is listed by the neighborhood name. Hans Balmer suggested to the Coalition that it eliminate a patch of kudzu on a corner with a small creek near Brentwood Dr. on SPACE property. Hans had already instigated the removal of English ivy at that same spot.

Before and after treatment. August and September 2005, respectively. The second photograph shows Coalition volunteers Merike Tamm (left), and Barbara Daniels. Merike is a resident of the neighborhood.

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Flags mark kudzu root crowns removed by Coalition volunteers. September 2005.


In August 2007 the Coalition declared 100% kudzu kill for the site!