The Coalition To Control Kudzu Without Herbicides

Green Solutions Against The Green Invader "Knock Out Kudzu"

This website is a resource for herbicide-free kudzu control, which is a record of the Kudzu Coalition from its creation in 2004 through early 2010. Some external links might no longer work. The Kudzu Coalition was renamed the Trees Coalition. It has an expanded mission and a new website Contact us for more information, or visit our Facebook page.

Kudzu is a serious problem where we live in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It kills trees, damages property, and works against beautification efforts in our community, including those that we call "Spots of Pride". Mary Walter, Executive Director of The Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE), calls our kudzu "Spots of Embarrassment"!

A common belief is that the only way to eliminate kudzu is to use herbicides. The Kudzu Coalition has learned since its inception in 2004 that effective methods exist to control infestations of kudzu without using chemicals. We test possible treatments in small-scale experiments. Promising treatments are further evaluated at community work sites.

The purpose of this website is to offer the result of this volunteer work to our website visitors. Learn from this website, or attend one of our training sessions for lively discussions and hands-on fun. And, we want to learn from your experiences! Please contact us to share your information, or to send us questions.

Let's work together to KO kudzu!